a japanese dinner

On Friday (3 August), a rainy evening, colleague Daphne and I decided to go eat ramen! So we went to Marutama Ramen! I think neither of us can ever get enough of that place! We joined a rather long queue but had a relatively short wait of ten minutes as a table for two had become suddenly available. Turns out that our seats were at the ‘bar’! Had never sat there before!

Both of us ordered Marutama ramen ($12) with an extra ajitsuke tamago (egg, $1.50).

Unlike my previous visit, the ramen was piping hot this time around. Perfect for combating the cold weather outside! The noodles were al dente, the meat and egg were good, and I slurped up most of the chicken soup. DELICIOUS! Could this be the bestest ramen ever?!

We also ordered gyoza ($5), which were stuffed with pork and veggies. This was disappointingly pedestrian, and rather forgettable. Daphne commented that she didn’t like that the gyoza were all drowning in the vinegary sauce.

The bill came up to approximately $16 per person.

Marutama Ramen
8 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059818
+65 6534 8090

After that I treated Daphne to atas ice cream! Japanese gelato from Haato!!!

She ordered chocolate banana (left) while I had macadamia ($3.50 per cup). My ice cream was rich and good, but the tiny pieces of macadamia nuts were too gritty and stuck in my throat going down. Chunkier pieces might be an improvement!

Haato & Co
8 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059818
+65 6225 6956


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