just a simple fried egg

Decided to have lunch at Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice today. Ordered fried pork chops with curry gravy, long beans with tofu and a fried egg. I’ve never seen them sell fried eggs in all the times I’ve eaten there, maybe they realized that it was an easy way to increase revenue! :P

The pork chops and long beans were good, as usual.

And the egg…… just a simple fried egg, or so I thought. When I cut off a piece and put it into my mouth, I realized that although it wasn’t hot, it was still pleasantly warm…… the egg white was thin and light, and its browned edges remained crispy…… the egg yolk was almost fully cooked, but just a tiny bit molten, which I how I like it…… the egg was delicately flavoured by the tiny bit of dark sauce drizzled on it…… and it was covered in a thin layer of oil which only served to round out its flavours……  somehow, it was extraordinarily delicious. Without a doubt, the best fried egg I’ve had in a long long long time!

Just a simple fried egg, but oh, what gustatory pleasure!!!


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