my dream school

There’s this column in my paper which features an ongoing creative writing competition for pupils, and a different topic is set every week. Participants can either send in pure text or add illustrations to their stories. Was very amused when I saw one of the winning stories a few weeks ago……


But first, a translation!

Today’s winning entry #2: My dream school

By Chen Jingyi, Tampines North Primary School, Primary 5

1. My dream school would replace humans with computers to teach and become ‘teachers’, so students would not be scolded by the ‘teachers’ again.

2. During recess time, I can go to the McDonald’s outlet in the cafeteria to have my favourite hamburger.

3. After eating, I can take an hour-long siesta.

4. Students’ grades should take into account their talents in other fields, like sports and music, and not just their exam results.

5. And even if there are exams, they would mostly feature a choice of questions.

6. In addition, we can enjoy school holidays which are four months long! That would be great!

After reading this, my first thought was, isn’t this kid describing a typical tertiary institution? To wit:

1. While computers have not replaced lecturers and tutors, most of them wouldn’t bother scolding students, who are deemed old enough to know better, anyway.

2. Several tertiary institutions house various fast food outlets. For example, National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Polytechnics all boast McDonald’s outlets.

3. If you are allowed to design your own timetable, you can schedule time to take an hour-long siesta after eating every day.

4. You can take cross-faculty modules, where you can use your talents in other fields, like PC 1327/GEK 1519 The Science of Music, offered by the Department of Physics at NUS.

5. Lots of modules have exams which feature a choice of questions! And although the author didn’t mention it, I would like to add that lots of modules have open book exams as well!

6. At the end of their academic years, NUS, NTU and Singapore Management University all have school holidays lasting three months. Which is almost four!

And there you have it! Time to study hard, my dear Chen Jingyi!!! Haha. :D


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