a somewhat atas lunch

On Wednesday morning (8 August), colleague Daphne MSNed me declaring that ‘i want to eat western food’ and if there were ‘any good western food around’? So I told her that we could eat at my favourite Western food stall in Tiong Bahru Market, but she replied, ‘omg i have been eating that / change chnage’! And then she added ‘can go atas place / today is atas mood / no market today! / hahahahhahahha’, so off we went to Caffe Pralet nearby for lunch!

We each ordered a set meal comprising of a main course, a dessert and a drink! My set originally cost $16 but I had to top up an additional $1 as I had ordered an iced drink, so I paid $17 in total.

Our drinks came first. As if on cue, both of us immediately whipped out our camera phones and started snapping away merrily! Haha.

D ordered a root beer float (left, not combined yet :P) and I, an iced chocolate.

Another angle!

Alas, the iced chocolate was rather diluted and not particularly rich or chocolatey. It was topped with chocolate flakes, which was a rather interesting touch, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to save the drink from mediocrity! Then again, it only costs $3 a la carte. In comparison, Drips Bakery Cafe’s iced chocolate costs twice as much as Caffe Pralet’s, but tastes slightly worse. So I suppose I can’t expect too much!

Putting her root beer float together!

We each ordered the same main course, black pepper pork chops!

The meat was quite tender. The gravy was peppery and herby, but bland and one note! It really needed a little salt to perk it up! Even the boiled vegetables were crying out for a little sodium treatment! Since this dish wasn’t the least bit salty, you just needed to remove the fries and the tartar and chilli sauces, and you’d end up with a really healthy meal! :P

And finally, it was time for dessert!!!

I decided to go with something different so I ordered a slice of soursop cake (foreground). Was wondering if it’d be sour, since I prefer my desserts sweet, but a staff member assured me that not only was it not sour, it was also very refreshing. When it came, I took a tentative scoop. It was indeed refreshing, as I had never tasted anything like that before, but it was also quite sour! The cake contained little pieces of soursop, which I think isn’t really suitable for cakes, as it is so obviously fibrous and too chewy!

Meanwhile, D’s lychee martini cake was sweet and creamy, but tasted nothing like lychee or martini. It had a rather odd aftertaste as well!

So we sadly left our cakes half eaten as they really tasted too weird! :( The next time we’re at Caffe Pralet, we should just stick to ordering the more ‘normal’ cakes like their red velvet!!! :P

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
Eng Hoon Mansions
Singapore 169767
+65 6223 5595

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