go put your aegyo on

When I first noticed hit Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, or So Nyuh Shi Dae (SoShi or SNSD for short), I thought all nine of their members looked the same. After a while, I taught myself to recognize each member and realized they looked nothing like each other at all. It’s just the identical or similar outfits they wear!

Anyway, the SoShi fandom (who call themselves Sones) continues to amaze me. To wit:

A Study of SNSD Portmanteaus

Which I honestly enjoyed reading very much, even though I am not a Sone (nevertheless I think SNSD songs are terribly fun to sing during karoke sessions!!!).

In 2009 I took a module called EL 4216 Lexicology and Lexicography, and each of us had write a paper on the English lexis of a certain field or domain, and mine was titled ‘Death by Fire Deviation: The English Lexis of Wuxia Fanfiction’. I think it’s pretty evident what my paper was about! (‘Fire deviation’ is a calque (or more appropriately, a quasi-calque) of the Chinese idiom 走火入魔, which literally means ‘walking into fire and entering monstrosity’.)

If I had to write this paper again today, I would probably write ‘Go Put Your Aegyo On: The English Lexis of the Soshi Fandom‘!!! :D


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