white ramen and green tea

On Friday evening (24 August), Daphne and I decided to go get dinner at Raffles City after work. We walked around the eateries located in the basement a couple of times, but couldn’t decide on what to eat. Finally, we decided to try this newly opened restaurant on the first floor, Menya Musashi (named after legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi), which specializes in ramen.

We joined a rather long queue outside the restaurant. To reduce waiting time, they had a staff go down the line to pass menus out and take orders.

As there were only two of us, we were lucky enough to get a table after waiting less than 15 minutes, ahead of other larger groups!

The interior of the restaurant was curiously decorated in black and white. I wondered about the significance of the repeated motifs. And that must be a portrait of the famous Miyamoto Musashi!

Ordered iced green tea ($1 for a free flow) to cool down. Their green tea is brown in colour! How illogical! :P

And yay, our ramen finally arrived! At Menya Musashi, you can choose from three types of soup bases: white (original), red (spicy) and black (garlic). We both chose the white cha shu ramen ($14.90).

I was glad to see that the noodles were thin, as I prefer thin noodles to thick ones. They were reasonably al dente but I still prefer those from Marutama. The pork broth was rich and satisfying enough, though. I also enjoyed the pork, which were sliced rather thickly. Marbled with enough fat, they melted in my mouth.  The ramen also came with seaweed, chye sim and black fungus, but only half an egg! :P

Menya Musashi is a curious place indeed. Not only is their green tea brown, their white ramen is also brown! And I found that very entertaining and amusing indeed!

Menya Musashi
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
+65 6336 6500

After dinner, did a bit of window shopping around with Daphne before she left for an appointment. Then made my way to CityLink Mall to meet up with Zhiqi, who had got us tickets to Magic Mike at Marina Square.

The movie was pretty entertaining. The male strippers danced very well, and the reactions of their female audiences were pretty amusing. However, I thought that some of the transitions from scene to scene were too quick, it was like zoom and suddenly it was the next scene already. I thought the way other scenes were framed and shot made the movie seem like a documentary, wonder if it was deliberate? But the ending of the movie was a bit huh so that’s it? :P


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