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the solitary diner

On Thursday, I suddenly felt like having a somewhat atas lunch, so I went to Caffe Pralet, and ordered a set meal comprising of a main course, dessert and drink ($15).

Wanted to order a tea, but couldn’t decide on which one. The staff taking my order suggested blackcurrant, as it was very fragrant. It was indeed very fragrant! I drank it neat (without sugar), and it proved tart and refreshing.

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Happy Midautumn Festival!!!

Go munch on some mooncakes!!! :D

something that amused me greatly

Have been tracking news of my alma mater’s impending move in the local press. Read this article by Matthias Chew in the Straits Times last month, and was greatly amused by the time I reached the end of the article……

Current and former students told The Straits Times that being separated only by an overhead bridge would help the two schools to develop a closer relationship.

Fifteen-year-old Samantha Yeo, who is in Secondary 3, said: “It will be really good because it will help the Raffles family have a stronger bond.”

But closer bonds may also be forged in a different way.

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chicken chop again

Got home yesterday evening, and was very amused to see what my mum had cooked, given what I had for lunch earlier that day!

Pan fried chicken breast with lettuce salad! The chicken was a little dry so I topped it with a little butter. A delicious dinner! :D

sweet teeth

After lunch yesterday, Daphne and I went on a little adventure. After that, we bussed over to Nex shopping mall in Serangoon. Decided to get ice cream from Andersen’s!

Daphne’s Belgian chocolate chip (left) and my rum & raisin ($5.50 each)!

My ice cream was rich, sweet and good, but I thought there wasn’t enough alcohol :P and the raisins had a curious slightly sour aftertaste.

Andersen’s of Denmark
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
+65 6634 2308

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chicken chop

Colleague Daphne and I took the afternoon off yesterday to get something done, but decided to look for food first. As we were somewhere in Kovan, we ended up at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe in Heartland Mall. This was my first time dining at Xin Wang!

Drinks! My yuanyang (left, $3.20) and Daphne’s lychee ice blended ($5.20). My drink was rich and sweet enough, but tasted more of coffee than tea. (I prefer tea!)

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sweet teeth

After watching Ted, we went to Toast Box for supper. This was the first time suaku old me had ever been to a Toast Box. :P At this particular Toast Box, the walls were panelled in dark wood, and the tables and chairs were all made of dark wood. I guessed the decor was supposed to evoke the coffeeshops of yesteryear, but somehow, I felt like I had entered an inn right out of a wuxia novel. :P

Zhiqi ordered a peanut butter thick toast ($1.50).

I tried one piece but I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of such thick bread. :P

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brilliant and obscene

After my short shopping sojourn, MRTed down to VivoCity and met Zhiqi to watch Ted.

spoiler warning!!!

有朋自远方来 不亦乐乎

Took the afternoon off today and went down to the alldressedup head office in Ubi for their bazaar sales. Alas, everything I had wanted to buy were sold out! :(

Anyway, there was a designer bag sale going on in the same building downstairs, so decided to stop by and take a look before leaving.

When I walked past one of the displays of bags, I thought I spotted someone familiar behind the table. It was a guy with black hair speckled with white. Could it be……? Naturally I turned and went back and approached him.

And he recognized me immediately! It was Meng Yong, my ex-designer! When I joined my company, he was the outsourced designer of my department’s publication. He left his company a few months later. And now he designs for this company which sells designer bags! I had added him on Facebook eons ago, and he reads my blog from time to time, but we had never met personally until today!

Meng Yong, if you are reading this…… a big HELLO!!! *waves madly* It was a great pleasure meeting you today!!! :D

last day

Today was my direct boss G’s last day of work. No idea where she’s headed off to, but I wished her all the best……

And from tomorrow onwards I’ll be on my own……

farewell lunch

My boss G is leaving, so our big boss M treated our entire department (consisting of G, new colleague Mel and me) to lunch at Modesto’s today. This is the first time I’ve ever eaten at Modesto’s!

There were so many things in the menu that none of us knew what to order at first! Finally M told the three of us to choose two pizzas and a pasta, while he ordered a starter!

They served us complimentary basket of herby bread with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side. The bread was fragrant and soft. Very nice!

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a rose by any other name

Our president A/Prof CJJ’s Chinese name is 秦经智, which I had been wondering about for quite some time.

Today he popped by our office, and I heard him talking to my neighbouring colleague MS in Chinese. When he finished speaking, I asked, ‘Prof C***, your name is from “经一事,长一‘枝’ (智)”?’

He looked super amused. Putting both hands at his head to signify branches, he replied, ‘You think 树枝 ah?’

Suddenly, from nowhere, MS said, ‘睡觉!’

A/Prof CJJ and I looked at her in amazement. He began to laugh and said, ‘I think we have generation gap……’

Then MS clarified that she had said ‘所以叫什么?’ But somehow, we had all misheard as ‘睡觉!’

Anyway in the end, A/Prof CJJ confirmed that his name was indeed from the Chinese idiom ‘经一事,长一智’.

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a colourful lunch

Lunch today: nasi lemak with fried fish, fried anchovies, boiled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes and pineapples (which were really juicy and sweet!), and a large dollop of chilli, all courtesy of my mum. A really colourful lunch indeed!

After I had helped myself to the food and taken a few small bites, my mum came into the kitchen……

Mum: 好吃吗?

Me: Not bad lar!

Mum: What not bad! Very nice!

After finishing my food, I still think it wasn’t too bad. :P A nice combination of sweet, sour, spicy and savoury……


A few hours ago, my brother suddenly said to me, ‘I didn’t know you have a food blog!’

(Have been posting links to some of my entries on food on my Facebook wall recently, and I guess he saw them.)

And I replied, ‘No, I don’t! Just that I have been eating out so much!’

So much so that it’s almost all I blog about nowadays! :P

yes, ramen again

Met Joanne for lunch at The Central yesterday. We walked around trying to decide on what to eat, and finally settled on…… yes, ramen again! Haha. We went to Ramen Santouka, as neither of us had ever been there!

We each ordered a Shio Ramen ($13.50) with an extra egg ($1.50). Imagine our surprise when they served us the eggs before the ramen came!

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