sore throat

Went to sing karaoke with Daphne yesterday evening. We went to K Box at Bedok Point, and opted for the K Dinner package at $23+++ (karaoke from 6 pm to 10 pm, and comes with a meal and a drink).

When one of their staff came to take our orders for dinner, she gave us three options, and both us picked fish and chips. Our expectations for dinner were pretty low, given the crappy food they usually serve for K Lunch. So we were pretty nonchalant when they brought in two small paper boxes while we were singing halfway. But were we pleasantly surprised when we realized that they contained fish and chips from Manhattan Fish Market! Probably from the outlet just downstairs in the same building!

My dinner!

Each box of fish and chips even came with small containers of chilli and tartar sauces. The fish and chips weren’t hot, but everything remained crispy. Washed down my food with a Shirley Temple mocktail, which tasted citrusy but odd.

Anyway we sang and sang and sang and sang all our favourite karaoke songs for four hours straight, and my throat was really sore by the time we were finally supposed to leave. The final bill came to $30.60 per person. A little pricey, but the food was way better than expected, and I had tons of fun!!! :D


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