the solitary diner

Took today off to recover from Saturday’s Convention. Decided to destress via retail therapy. But first, lunch! Decided on Ma Maison in Millenia Walk.

Sauces for my food: a pitcher of wafu dressing for my salad, and rock salt and a lacquer container of thick savoury dark sauce for my meat.

Finally, my tonkatsu set ($19.50) arrived!

Soft fluffy rice! Crunchy salty pickles! Crisp fresh salad! And tonkatsu, hot and crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside! The pork was marbled with just enough fat! I asked for tartar sauce, and they gave me quite a bit (photo above, next to the miso soup), and even added some chopped green herbs on top! The tartar sauce tasted rather nice! Washed down everything with a steaming bowl of miso soup, which I was surprised to discover was full of carrots, mushrooms, meat and even konnyaku jelly (I think), and quite possibly the best miso soup I’ve ever had!

Ahhh, bliss.

Wanted to try one of their luscious tarts but decided against it because I was super stuffed! :P

My set came with a choice of drink, so I asked for tea, and drank it neat (without any sugar or milk), to help my digestion. :D

After I was done, they gave me a large and heavy key, and I brought it over to the counter to make payment. The bill came up to $22.95.

Ma Maison
9 Raffles Boulevard
Parco Marina Bay
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
+65 6338 9391

After that, I went downstairs to check out PARCO next NEXT, which stocks only emerging Singaporean fashion labels. (I’d bought my Amuse white dress there last year.)

Had heard that they’d brought in a new crop of designers, and was curious as to what they had to offer. Alas, after browsing, I decided that none of the new designers was really my cup of tea. :P


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