sweet teeth

Had a craving for newfangled tau huay today, so I bought home a few bowls!

Traditional tau huay is smooth, comes in large firm pieces and served warm or cold, whereas newfangled tau huay is also smooth, but more pudding-like and always served cold. I believe Lao Ban was the first to start selling the newfangled type, and suddenly, copycats sprouted all over the island!

After dinner, I happily finished an entire bowl in no time at all! I’ve tried Lao Ban’s, and I think 51 Soya Bean’s version is equally fragrant and delicious, and just as good!

I’m sure tau huay purists would kill me but I prefer newfangled tau huay as it is somehow more addictive! :P

51 Soya Bean
4 Tampines Central 5
Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510


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