pork chops once more

Was supposed to have dinner with Joanne and Serena yesterday. But a few hours before we were supposed to meet at Tonkatsu Ma Maison in Mandarin Gallery, Joanne suddenly Whatsapped me to say that she was going to have to fly our aeroplane as she ‘[could] not finish [her] audit preparation’. :( No matter, Serena and I decided to go ahead anyway!

Anyway I left the office slightly later than I had planned to. So I asked Serena if she was there, and she replied that she was walking around Central. I assumed it was Orchard Central, and asked her to go to the restaurant first. When I was about to reach the restaurant, she suddenly informed me that she was actually at the Ma Maison outlet in The Central!!!

By the time I reached Tonkatsu Ma Maison in Mandarin Gallery, it was almost 7.25 pm and our reservation at 7.15 pm had lapsed. So I had to join the queue outside and queued for more than half an hour before it was my turn. Meanwhile, Serena flew down and joined me right before we got our table. What a comedy of errors! :S

Each table had a tray of condiments. Clockwise from centre: salt, spicy tonkatsu sauce (which really wasn’t spicy at all), soya sauce, peanut (?) sauce and sweet tonkatsu sauce.

We were each given an amuse-bouche: a little ball of cold grated white radish. The radish 入口甘甜清凉 (tasted sweet and refreshing). After a while we found the taste of the radish rather boring so Serena suggested adding some peanut sauce, which did perk its flavours up considerably!

Then our main courses arrived! I had a rosu katsu (rosu means ‘loin’, as opposed to hire, which means ‘fillet’) set (160 g, $22.80).

Close up close up!

The pork was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The meat had just the right amount of fat! It was as good as, or perhaps a teeny weeny bit better than the one I had at Ma Maison in Millenia Walk on Monday.

We could choose between normal or multigrain rice, and Serena and I both picked the latter. The multigrain rice had a more interesting taste and texture than normal rice.

I was somewhat surprised to see that the pickled vegetables they served was not the usual pickled radish but pickled cabbage!

And the miso soup was exactly like the one I had at Ma Maison at Millenia Walk: chockablock with vegetables and pork, and full of goodness.

Meanwhile Serena ordered an ebi katsu set ($24.80), as she preferred prawn to pork.

I tried a piece of her prawn cutlet, and it was surprisingly quite nice! The prawn filling was firm and crunchy, and tasted very different, but in a good way.

The ebi katsu set came with a bowl of tartar sauce (photo above, top right hand corner). Serena and I agreed that the tartar sauce was Very Addictive!!! We couldn’t stop dipping stuff in it! No idea what ingredients they used – I thought I tasted chives and lemon, perhaps there was also crack in it! Best tartar sauce ever!!! :D

Big eaters will be pleased to note that there is free flow of rice, salad and miso soup! But we didn’t ask for more as we were pleasantly full after finishing our main courses.

To my surprise, they served us dessert!

We each got two squares of sweet jelly, which had a floral fragrance and were firm to the bite. Serena and I couldn’t tell what the actual flavour of the jelly was. I wondered if it was chrysanthemum or osmanthus, but it seemed to be something else entirely. Before we left, I asked a waitress, and she said it was lemongrass and ginger!!! How curious!!!

Additionally, they also served us a free flow of cold green (?) tea (photo above, right background).

The staff who processed our bill was careless and only charged us for Serena’s share. Anyway I spotted the mistake and informed them immediately. Honesty is the best policy! :D

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238867
+65 6733 4541


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