sweet teeth

After dinner, Serena and I decided to go have dessert, but everywhere was sadly either closing or full, so we ended up having drinks at Starbucks!

We took turns to buy our drinks, and Serena went first. After that, while I was queueing, my secondary school friend Xinling and a junior college friend of hers joined the queue. It was nice to meet her, as I hadn’t seen her in ages!

After I had ordered and paid, the cashier pulled out this really long receipt from the register. Showing it to me, she asked, ‘Have you seen this receipt before?’ Huh? I thought. Of course not! Naturally I replied, ‘Erm, no?’

And it turned out that the receipt was actually a voucher for a complimentary tall beverage!!! The cashier told me it was randomly generated! I must’ve been pretty lucky then. Perhaps it was good karma for informing the Ma Maison staff that they had forgot to charge my share! :D

Serena’s cappucino (left) and my white chocolate frappuccino!

I order a frappucino every time I visit Starbucks (which is very rarely). Decided to get white chocolate this time. It was rich, creamy, sweet and extremely sinful. Didn’t really taste strongly of white chocolate, though.

And so we sat there nursing our drinks and chatting until it grew late and it was time to go home. :)

Starbucks Coffee
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
+65 6735 7957


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