a somewhat atas lunch

Daphne was once again in an atas mood and wanted to go to an atas place for lunch, so I suggested Drips Bakery Cafe, and we pulled fellow colleague Sze Yong along!

Daphne’s iced honey lemon (left) and Sze Yong’s iced earl grey. Daphne later commented that her drink was more lemon than honey and too sour. :S

Daphne and I both ordered oven roasted turkey ham sandwiches ($15.80 each). However, she opted for a croissant……

……while I chose homemade bread. I also asked for extra mayonnaise! :)

My sandwich was stuffed full of ham, lettuce, brinjals (purple and yellow!), alfafa sprouts and goodness knows what else! The vegetables were fresh and crispy and went very well with the ham. A delicious yet healthy tasting sandwich!

Meanwhile, Sze Yong had the blackforest ham sandwich ($13.80). He also chose a croissant over bread.

Doesn’t it look exactly like as Daphne’s? Maybe it was $2 cheaper because they gave him one less slice of cucumber! :P

The sandwiches were very thick and difficult to slice through, so Sze Yong and I had to deconstruct ours before cutting and eating. However, Daphne managed to cut and eat her sandwich while keeping it in one perfect piece. Bravo, Daphne! For this achievement, you win the Neatest Eater Award! :D

Since I have sweet teeth, I ordered dessert, raspberry almond tart ($7.50)! Had never tried it before.

I prefer my desserts sweet, so this was a little too sour for me. I think it’d go very well with vanilla ice cream though! Drips should let diners add a scoop of ice cream to their desserts for an extra $2 or something. Additional revenue generated! :D

This was the very first time my two colleagues dined at Drips and they both agreed that the sandwiches were very good!

Alas, the prices at Drips have increased slightly again. It’s getting quite pricey to eat there! (Then again I only eat there once in a while……) I wondered if that accounted for why only two or three tables, including us, were occupied while we were there. :S

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road
Singapore 160082
+65 6222 0400


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