dimsum dinner

Karen and I met in Chinatown for dinner on Wednesday, and walked around a bit before deciding to dine on dimsum at this small eatery called Tak Po.

We had……

Siew mai ($2.60)! The pork filling tasted a little weird. Perhaps the meat wasn’t fresh.

Chee cheong fun with char siew ($3.50)! The rice rolls were too thick and a little on the tough side. I prefer them to be thinner and smoother. The char siew was passable though.

Char siew buns (background, $0.90 each) and egg tarts ($1.10 each)!

The char siew buns weren’t too bad. The bun was light and fluffy and the char siew filling was sweet and savoury enough.

The egg tarts didn’t fare as well. The crust was nice and crumbly but I would have preferred it to be richer and softer. And the filling tasted only vaguely of egg.

Har gao ($2.70)! The prawns were fresh and crunchy, but I would have liked thinner skins.

Teochew dumplings ($3)! They contained a mix of vegetables, and tasted rather curious, though not unpleasant. Again, would have liked thinner skins.

I wanted a healthy sugar-free drink so I ordered iced water, which cost $0.50!!!!!! :O No idea if it was a free flow, because I only had one glass. And I made sure I drank it to the last drop as it was the most expensive iced water I’ve ever had!!!

I thought our meal consisted of more misses than hits. The only thing going for Tak Po is probably the prices, but then I guess you get what you pay for. (For about the same prices, I would suggest Wan Dou Sek instead. Their dimsum tastes better! :P)

Tak Po
42 Smith Street
Singapore 058954
+65 6225 0302


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