sweet teeth

After our dimsum dinner on Wednesday, Karen and I walked a couple of streets to Mei Heong Yuen, which sells Chinese desserts and snacks. The very first time I patronized them, which was quite a few years ago, they occupied only one shop space. They must be doing really well now as they’ve since expanded to three consecutive shop spaces!

Karen had a Berry & Passion Snow Ice (background, $5), while I had a Mango with Pomelo & Sago ($4).

Karen’s dessert was actually a mountain of shaved ice, with milk poured onto it and then topped with berry and passionfruit sauces. I took a small bite. The ice tasted really milky – they’d been really generous with the milk!

My dessert was a meeting of sweetness and sourness. Good for digestion! The pieces of mango were juicy and sweet and the segments of pomelo were juicy and sour. Curiously enough, the cream tasted somewhat reminiscent of banana puree. The cream was yellow, like banana puree. Its consistency was soft and slightly lumpy, like banana puree. And its flavour was slightly sour, like banana puree. After I told Karen about all these, she tasted it and agreed with my observations. Overall, the dessert was good but not fantastic. (This dessert is very poetically named 杨枝甘露 in Chinese. I wonder who came up with it!)

Just a really cute sign hanging at one corner of the shop!

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert
63 – 67 Temple Street
Singapore 058611
+65 6221 1156


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