yes, ramen again

Met Joanne for lunch at The Central yesterday. We walked around trying to decide on what to eat, and finally settled on…… yes, ramen again! Haha. We went to Ramen Santouka, as neither of us had ever been there!

We each ordered a Shio Ramen ($13.50) with an extra egg ($1.50). Imagine our surprise when they served us the eggs before the ramen came!

A short while later, our ramen came!

The ramen was reminiscent of instant noodles, but were more eggy and springy and had more bite. The pieces of chashu were thick enough. Tender and marbled with enough fat, the chashu melted in one’s mouth. To add extra textures and flavours, they had also added fishcake, black fungus and lots of spring onions. And that little red ball in the middle is a preserved fruit with a tiny stone in the middle. And the soup was clean-tasting, but had complex flavours.

Added my egg to the ramen. The egg was delicious – firm egg white on the outside and molten egg yolk on the inside. A bowl of ramen is not complete without such an egg!

Overall, I think Santouka’s ramen is probably better than Marutama’s! :)

We also ordered a plate of tonkatsu ($11). Alas, the breaded crust was hard and the meat was tough. A very lacklustre dish. One of the worst tonkatsus that I have ever eaten. Do not order!

And our server was a skinny middleaged auntie with a sour face and curt demeanour. I joke that everyone working in Ramen Santouka were very fierce as Santouka is written as 山頭火 in Japanese, and literally means ‘mountain top fire’! :P

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059817
+65 6224 0668

After lunch, we took a bus down to Orchard Road for a spot of shopping. :)


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