a rose by any other name

Our president A/Prof CJJ’s Chinese name is 秦经智, which I had been wondering about for quite some time.

Today he popped by our office, and I heard him talking to my neighbouring colleague MS in Chinese. When he finished speaking, I asked, ‘Prof C***, your name is from “经一事,长一‘枝’ (智)”?’

He looked super amused. Putting both hands at his head to signify branches, he replied, ‘You think 树枝 ah?’

Suddenly, from nowhere, MS said, ‘睡觉!’

A/Prof CJJ and I looked at her in amazement. He began to laugh and said, ‘I think we have generation gap……’

Then MS clarified that she had said ‘所以叫什么?’ But somehow, we had all misheard as ‘睡觉!’

Anyway in the end, A/Prof CJJ confirmed that his name was indeed from the Chinese idiom ‘经一事,长一智’.

After that I was recounting this incident to colleague D via MSN. She said that her Chinese name 碧蓉 had no meaning, so I immediately googled for relevant idioms, and then……

denise y says: 碧鬟红袖 出水芙蓉

Daphne Lee says: WAH!!!!!
i didnt realised its this meaning!

denise y says: i just find 2 cheng yu starting and ending

Daphne Lee says: yeah! u are my idol!
love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my name finally has a meaning

Glad to be of service! I do love naming things so! :D


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