brilliant and obscene

After my short shopping sojourn, MRTed down to VivoCity and met Zhiqi to watch Ted.

The movie tells the story 0f a lonely boy, John, who wishes on a falling star that his teddy bear, Teddy (Ted), would come alive, and the next day, he does. Fast forward almost two decades, and the duo remain firm friends leading a generally hedonistic lifestyle. John’s girlfriend Lori wants him to kick Ted out so that they can move on with their lives. He finally does so with great reluctance, and helps Ted find a new home and a proper job. Somehow, Ted’s guts and loose mouth allows him to get promoted in double quick time.  John and Lori have a major falling out, and Ted helps to bring them back together. Then Ted is kidnapped by this psychotic father, and is eventually torn into half, and ‘dies’. I teared at that scene! :P

But the ending is, of course, a happy one! Lori wishes upon another falling star and Ted becomes alive again. John and Lori finally get married and live happily ever after.

The movie is brilliantly obscene and obscenely brilliant, and extremely hilarious to boot. It’s somehow very funny to see an adorable teddy bear engaging in all sorts of debauchery like smoking pot and whatnot. Those who grew up in the 80s (I didn’t) would also appreciate all the cultural references as well. I enjoyed Ted very much!


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