sweet teeth

After lunch yesterday, Daphne and I went on a little adventure. After that, we bussed over to Nex shopping mall in Serangoon. Decided to get ice cream from Andersen’s!

Daphne’s Belgian chocolate chip (left) and my rum & raisin ($5.50 each)!

My ice cream was rich, sweet and good, but I thought there wasn’t enough alcohol :P and the raisins had a curious slightly sour aftertaste.

Andersen’s of Denmark
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
+65 6634 2308

It was also Daphne’s maid’s birthday that day, so she decided to get her a cake! We went downstairs to The Icing Room, where Daphne got one of those ready iced cakes which customers have to decorate themselves with the icings and decorations provided.

Daphne’s masterpiece, with minimal help from me! I realized that squeezing the icing out of their little piping bags wasn’t that easy as it looked! And after Daphne was done, I tasted the brown icing – it was chocolate buttercream.

Overall, I guess it was a pretty fun experience for us. But it was marred by the unobservant and unresponsive staff at that outlet. Management should take note!

The Icing Room
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
+65 6634 4486


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