the solitary diner

On Thursday, I suddenly felt like having a somewhat atas lunch, so I went to Caffe Pralet, and ordered a set meal comprising of a main course, dessert and drink ($15).

Wanted to order a tea, but couldn’t decide on which one. The staff taking my order suggested blackcurrant, as it was very fragrant. It was indeed very fragrant! I drank it neat (without sugar), and it proved tart and refreshing.

Had a bacon and avocado panini. The crispy,  salty bacon and smooth, buttery avocado went well together. But I think they need to use a bigger plate as it was quite difficult to cut the panini without something falling off the dish! :P

Memories of the terrible cakes I tried during my previous visit to Caffe Pralet were still fresh in my mind. So for dessert I opted for something ‘safe’ – Irish Bailey Gateau. When I took my first mouthful, I knew I had definitely made the right choice! The cake consisted of layers of light sponge cake and creamy mousse, and was covered with a rich ganache. Chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate!!! The only thing was that the taste of Baileys was rather negligible.  But still, absolutely scrumptious! (And my blackcurrant tea went very well with this chocolate cake!)

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
Eng Hoon Mansions
Singapore 169767
+65 6223 5595


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