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crash blossoms

I enjoyed this article very much!

Crash Blossoms
Ben Zimmer

Elizabeth Barrett Browning once gave the poetry of her husband, Robert, a harsh assessment, criticizing his habit of excessively paring down his syntax with opaque results. “You sometimes make a dust, a dark dust,” she wrote him, “by sweeping away your little words.”

In their quest for concision, writers of newspaper headlines are, like Robert Browning, inveterate sweepers away of little words, and the dust they kick up can lead to some amusing ambiguities. Legendary headlines from years past (some of which verge on the mythical) include “Giant Waves Down Queen Mary’s Funnel,” “MacArthur Flies Back to Front” and “Eighth Army Push Bottles Up Germans.” The Columbia Journalism Review even published two anthologies of ambiguous headlinese in the 1980s, with the classic titles “Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim” and “Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge.”

For years, there was no good name for these double-take headlines. Last August, however, one emerged in the Testy Copy Editors online discussion forum. Mike O’Connell, an American editor based in Sapporo, Japan, spotted the headline “Violinist Linked to JAL Crash Blossoms” and wondered, “What’s a crash blossom?” (The article, from the newspaper Japan Today, described the successful musical career of Diana Yukawa, whose father died in a 1985 Japan Airlines plane crash.) Another participant in the forum, Dan Bloom, suggested that “crash blossoms” could be used as a label for such infelicitous headlines that encourage alternate readings, and news of the neologism quickly spread.

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wedding dresses

photo from here

Took the morning off today to check out The Wedding Dress: 200 Years of Wedding Fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London exhibition at the National Museum. It was the last day of the exhibition! And entrance was free as it was the museum’s open house! :D

I reached the museum at 9.45 am, but it only opens at 10 am daily. So I sat down on a platform in the carpark to wait. It was all quite amusing!

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, the doors of the museum finally opened and everyone outside went in.

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forever 21

Was ordering lunch from Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice this afternoon, and the boss uncle suddenly turned to me and said, ‘小妹,你在读书还是做工?’



‘只是看起来!’ I was rather amused.

It’s rather curious really. Throughout primary and secondary school, people used to tell me that I looked mature. But after I left junior college and went on to university,  people kept telling me I looked young. Now that I’ve joined the working world, I still get that from time to time.

What’s my secret to staying young? I wish I knew! :P

blue is the colour of dreams

So the annual Club 21 Bazaar Sale returned last weekend at the F1 Pit Building. Had read that there were lotsa fabulous buys on offer, and had never been to one of their sales before,  so I decided that I had to go. So on Saturday, after a work event, I made my way down to the sale (alone, because nobody else was free or interested).

Took a large transparent plastic shopping bag from a staff at the door, walked in, and realized I had entered a complete war zone!!!

The gigantic room was filled with racks and racks and racks of clothes, shoes and accessories, all organized by label. And there were people and people and more people everywhere, and everyone was grabbing stuff (mostly ‘cheaper’ items from Armani, Calvin Klein and DKNY, etc) like everything was free. (No changing rooms were provided, so shoppers (mainly female) tried on things in the nooks and crannies of the room.)  Naturally, it was a madhouse.

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dj got us fallin’ in love

Since my new year resolution is to learn as many new things as possible, when an opportunity to learn how to DJ presented itself, I seized it. Had never DJed in my life! (Neither have I ever clubbed!) :P

The DJ lesson was held on Thursday evening after work. The teacher was D, a DJ with ten years’ experience and a day job. There was one other student, J, a guy slightly younger than me. The lesson was held in Anaki Records, a small studio in a shophouse in Temple Street. On the ground floor was a seedy little karaoke joint – when I reached the place, I did a double take and wondered if I was at the right place. Turns out that the studio was on the second floor – upstairs. And the proprietor of the studio was a curious-looking fellow.


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sweet teeth

Went out just now to run a quick errand, and found myself suddenly craving chocolate, so……


Iced chocolate from the nearby McCafe! Tastes a little artificial, but isn’t all that bad for $3.95! And a topping of whipped cream is always good1 Craving satisfied! :D

a somewhat atas lunch

Daphne was in an atas mood once again, so she dragged Sze Yong and I to Drips Bakery Cafe for lunch yesterday.

Drinks all in a row! From left: Daphne’s iced earl grey, Sze Yong’s hot honey lemon and my iced mocha!

My ice mocha tasted quite nice although I am not a fan of coffee and only added a little sugar syrup to the drink.

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Something that has been floating around cyberspace recently…… how cute!!! :D

old / new

‘In Asia, we have a tendency to throw away everything that’s old and start everything anew. But new things have no character, they are lifeless’

Goods of Desire founder Douglas Young, whose Hong Kong lifestyle store updates motifs for the young generation

The Straits Times, Life!, 11 September 2012, page C16

Yes, but everything that’s old began as something new as well!

teddy bears

Something that has been floating around cyberspace recently……

Incidentally, the name ‘teddy bear’ actually came from US President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was ‘Teddy’ (read more here).

And yes, I still sleep with soft toys – four of them, in fact! And yes, of course one is a teddy bear, which a junior college schoolmate gave me for my 17th birthday. :D

pasta bolognese

Pasta bolognese for dinner tonight, courtesy of my mum, who apparently learnt the recipe from an episode of Kitchen Boss.

The tomato and meat sauce was deliciously sourish and really whetted the appetite. Haven’t had so much pasta in a long time! I assumed the meat was pork, but then my mum suddenly revealed that she had added a little beef, which we almost never eat at home. No wonder the meat tasted a little off (though not unpleasantly so), but I was unable to figure out why! :P

sweet teeth

This afternoon, we held a farewell lunch in the office for colleague N, whose last day is tomorrow. GE and LL went all the way down to this place in Beach Road to buy briyani back for everyone. Some had beef, some had fish and others had mutton, but I had chicken, of course, and it wasn’t too bad.

And for dessert, we had fresh fruit, and bread pudding made by colleague DT!

A cube of the bread pudding drizzled with vanilla sauce!

The bread pudding, which DT warmed before serving, was really good! Had never had anything like it before. It was warm and moist and rich and moreish and satisfying!!! Everyone complimented DT for her amazing bread pudding! :)

And DT kindly shared the recipe with all of us! Click HERE!

la dolce vita

My boss M, new colleague MA and I had dinner with our editorial board yesterday evening at Sicilian restaurant Etna in Duxton Hill, a rather cosy yet classy place. All eight of them turned up, to my pleasant surprise. And we welcomed a new ninth member, Dr JT! My ex-direct boss G, who left our company recently, also attended – in a way, this dinner was also a farewell one for her.

First we had focaccia bread studded with olives dipped in a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The bread had a really interesting taste and texture, and the olives were surprisingly mild and unsalty.

I thought the olive oil and balsamic vinegar came in a really interesting dispenser. The inner container was made in the shape of a bunch of grapes!

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a taste of thailand

Currently suffering from post-Bangkok trip hangover…… had to return to Singapore just as we were all starting to have fun!!! :( So I decided to have Thai food for lunch today!

Ordered basil chicken rice ($4.50) from this Thai food stall in Tiong Bahru Market! Whenever I patronize this stall, I always order that! It usually comes with one egg, but I asked for another one!

The chicken was soft and a little mushy, but I quite like it that way. It was stir fried with a mix of carrots, onions and basil, in a salty dark sauce. They also added little pieces of chilli padi which ups the spiciness.

The basil chicken is made to order and piping hot when you eat it! Scoop up a spoonful of the dish – a bit of hot (in all senses of the word) basil chicken, a bit of crispy fried egg and a bit of warm rice – and put the whole thing into your mouth…… ahhh, bliss!!!

Thai Lion Kitchen
30 Seng Poh Road
Tiong Bahru Market
Singapore 168898

city of angels

Off to Bangkok this afternoon for a staff retreat, back on Sunday evening!!! :D

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