the solitary diner

Woke up at 12.38 pm (!) today and realized that I was home alone. So I spent a very leisurely day having the whole house to myself. In the evening, walked over to the malls nearby and decided to dine at Han’s.

Ordered a Hainanese pork chop rice set ($10.80), which came with soup, dessert and drink!

Cream of potato with a slice of garlic bread. When I took my first mouthful of the soup, I thought it tasted rather weird. But after a few more scoops, it started to taste pretty good.

And Han’s garlic bread is always soft and floppy! :P Wish they would toast their garlic bread so it’d be all nice and crispy. I like the garlic butter spread they use, though – and they should apply it all the way till the edges of the bread!

I always eat the Hainanese pork chop rice when I’m at Hans cos it’s damn nice! The pork chops are coated with a very thin batter so they can never be ‘hot and crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside’ like those from Ma Maison. But they are nice and warm and very moreish. I also like the combination of fruits and vegetables the pork chops come with – tomatoes, peas, onions and even peaches (I think). And they pour this sweet and savoury sauce, just like the icing on a cake, over everything. Delicious!

They also poured a bit of chilli on the accompanying plate of rice. Their chilli is actually quite good. It has a tinge of sweetness and a whole lot of heat. I always eat it until my whole tongue is on fire! :O

Dessert was a rather thin piece of watermelon. It’s always fruit! Han’s, could we have other things, please? And my drink was orange juice. It had a tinge of sweetness and a whole lot of sourness! Good for digestion, I suppose! :P

The food at Han’s isn’t stupendous, but is reasonably good quality for the price. Where else can you get a three course meal for $10.80? :D

2 Tampines Central 5
Century Square
Singapore 529209
+65 6784 4176


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