you learn something new every day

Decided to go for threading after work today. After I got a drink from Starbucks, I walked to my usual place, this small Indian beauty salon near Clementi MRT, when I passed this shop selling DVDs. They had a TV blasting a very familiar song. I stopped for a moment to listen, then decided to hurry on.

Suddenly, before I could stop myself, I turned back and returned to the shop. Approached one of the salesmen inside and asked him what song was playing. In response, he immediately gestured to a colleague, who then handed me a DVD box set. I asked the first salesmen if he knew the exact song that was playing, and he flipped the box over and pointed to one of the songs listed on the back.

I looked, and it was……

Yes, it was Kitaro’s Matsuri!!! What an amazing piece of music!!!

I first heard this song while watching a video of my kindergarten graduation ceremony (it was used in one of the concert performances), and had been wondering what song it was ever since. (I had left the ceremony straight after receiving my scroll, and missed the concert after that, because my family had brought my brother, then a baby, who was kicking up a big fuss.)

And so I was unable to identify this song for almost 20 years, until today!!! At long last!!! :D

Then I happily went to get my brows and upper lip threaded, and it was horribly painful as usual. :P


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