a taste of thailand

Currently suffering from post-Bangkok trip hangover…… had to return to Singapore just as we were all starting to have fun!!! :( So I decided to have Thai food for lunch today!

Ordered basil chicken rice ($4.50) from this Thai food stall in Tiong Bahru Market! Whenever I patronize this stall, I always order that! It usually comes with one egg, but I asked for another one!

The chicken was soft and a little mushy, but I quite like it that way. It was stir fried with a mix of carrots, onions and basil, in a salty dark sauce. They also added little pieces of chilli padi which ups the spiciness.

The basil chicken is made to order and piping hot when you eat it! Scoop up a spoonful of the dish – a bit of hot (in all senses of the word) basil chicken, a bit of crispy fried egg and a bit of warm rice – and put the whole thing into your mouth…… ahhh, bliss!!!

Thai Lion Kitchen
30 Seng Poh Road
Tiong Bahru Market
Singapore 168898


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