dj got us fallin’ in love

Since my new year resolution is to learn as many new things as possible, when an opportunity to learn how to DJ presented itself, I seized it. Had never DJed in my life! (Neither have I ever clubbed!) :P

The DJ lesson was held on Thursday evening after work. The teacher was D, a DJ with ten years’ experience and a day job. There was one other student, J, a guy slightly younger than me. The lesson was held in Anaki Records, a small studio in a shophouse in Temple Street. On the ground floor was a seedy little karaoke joint – when I reached the place, I did a double take and wondered if I was at the right place. Turns out that the studio was on the second floor – upstairs. And the proprietor of the studio was a curious-looking fellow.


The three of us crowded around this DJ console in the small ‘foyer’ at the front of the studio. For the next two hours or so, D (who had a really thick album full of CDs) taught us the basics of DJing, like the various parts of a console, how to mix a song and how to end a song and then start a new one. It was rather complex for a newbie like me!

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After that, it was our turn to practice. J and I could do so simulataneously as there were two separate consoles. Music came out from the large speakers and reverberated through the small room. Although I finally got some hands on practice, I still found the theories a bit on the confusing side. D said that the whole DJing process was very mathematical (as you have to count beats and stuff), but I replied that I thought it was very physics (as I somehow visualize the beats in the form of waves).

Well it was quite a fun session. After class we discussed the possibility of continuing the lessons long term. But it is kinda expensive and the prolonged exposure to the loud music might damage my hearing, so I’ve gotta think about it again……


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