a somewhat atas lunch

Took the afternoon off yesterday to go for a mani and pedi with Jaewai somewhere in Millenia Walk. But on our way there, she suddenly announced that she had a big blister on her left toe. So we decided to postpone the pampering session, and go for a leisurely lunch instead!

Settled on Ma Maison. We ordered two different set lunches ($12.90 each)! Which comprised a soup, salad, main course and drink!

We had asparagus soup, which was creamy enough but did not taste like asparagus at all!

Pasta salad!

I had the curry rice, which came in a generous portion. Japanese curries are usually sweet, but this one was not at all! In fact, it had a rather mature ‘grown up’ taste. The curry also contained chunky pieces of chicken. Wish they had put more vegetables like onions and carrots for extra texture, flavour and nutrients, though! The curry was served with short grained Japanese rice and a bit of pickled ginger.

Jaewai had ordered the Daily Western Set Lunch, and her main course was dory fish with tomato sauce with spaghetti and mixed vegetables.

After she had started eating, a waitress brought a full plate of rice to the table. Apparently, it came with her set! But she decided not to take it as she thought the fish and spaghetti would be filling enough, and she was right!

Washed everything down with iced tea! I drank mine neat!

Ma Maison
9 Raffles Boulevard
Parco Marina Bay
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
+65 6338 9391

After that we were super full, so we walked all the way to the National Library to feed our brains this time. :D


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