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close of the year

Going to do a quick round up of the year, since brevity is the soul of wit……

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new year’s eve

Half day for everyone in the office today, yay!!! :D


Jin Yong is truly a (literary) genius!

黄蓉好奇心起,低声道:“咱们瞧瞧去,到底是怎么样的美人。”郭靖道:“还是盗药要紧。”黄蓉道:“我偏要先看美人!”举步跟随两个仆役。郭靖心想: “女人有甚么好看?真是古怪。”他却哪里知道,凡是女子听说哪一个女人美貌,若不亲眼见上一见,可比甚么都难过,如果自己是美丽女人,那是更加非去看一 看、比一比不可。郭靖却只道她孩子气厉害,只得跟去。


I think this snippet is really quite true!!! But I’m more curious about intelligence than beauty!!! ;)

you learn something new every day

Today I visited the dentist and he told me a few of my teeth displayed dens evaginatus. This was the very first time I had ever heard of this term!

the solitary diner

Since dinner with Daphne and Sze Yong yesterday evening was cancelled last minute, I had to dine by myself. :P Decided to try Tonkichi near my place. As I was alone and almost all the tables were occupied, I was seated at the bar. Ordered a Yokubari set ($24.90).

After I had ordered, I was given a bowl with a bit of sesame seeds and a pestle.


Apparently I was supposed to pound the sesame seeds and then add a bit of tonkatsu sauce (from the tallest condiment bottle above; the smallest held shichimi and the last one contained light soya sauce). This was supposed to enhance the flavours of the sauce, but I tried it before and after I had mixed it with the pounded sesame seeds and found that there was scarcely any difference.

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post-holiday blues

Back to work today…… >.<

christmas again

Attended my technically first ever Christmas party with friends (since previous years were usually extended family get-togethers) today! It was a modest affair held at Daphne’s place. Other than Daphne’s family and me, the other guests were Sze Yong, and Daphne’s friends Conny and Patrick (a married couple in the photography business, how interesting)!

We enjoyed a simple spread of bee hoon, stir fried broccoli, curry chicken with french bread and neatly sliced store-bought roasted leg of lamb (wondered where the bone was until Daphne showed me that it was in the fridge, haha). I loved the fried chicken and ate six drumlets and one wing! :D

After Connie and Patrick left early, we watched a rerun of the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and entertained ourselves by commenting on every single details. Anyway, the big winner of the awards event was undeniably Psy.

Halfway through the show, we cut the one kg plus cake that I had lugged all the way there. It was a blackforest cake from Four Leaves! (Did not consider buying a log cake as I find such cakes very ‘chop carrot’ (ie, a ripoff)!)

In line with my vow made in July 2008 that every cake that I buy will always carry a quirky message, this cake did too! :D


Keep Calm and Christmas On!!!

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Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!!! :D

christmas eve

Half day for everyone at work today!

Last day for colleague Daphne, who’s going to study nursing! Will miss her……

christmas lunch

My company had our annual Christmas lunch in the office yesterday! The staff from the two neighbouring associations and a few of the doctors in our council came over to join in our festivities!


Alas, I found the food from the buffet to be wanting. The turkey was hard and overcooked, and the log cake was soft and melting. The seafood was average. So I filled myself with cream puffs and eclairs (above) instead. Shouldn’t complain but last year’s was much better!

After we had eaten our fill, the guests had left and the presents had been exchanged, the bosses gave a short talk on what we achieved this year and what we could expect in the next. And they announced that six people had been promoted…… and one was yours truly! Had absolutely no idea about it, so it really came as a pleasant surprise! :)

forever 21

Yesterday evening, my family (sans sister) attended a wedding dinner held at Grand Park City Hall in Coleman Street. Had no idea that there is such a grand little hotel behind Peninsula Plaza!

The groom is one of my dad’s maternal first cousins. (My dad has no paternal first cousins as his dad was an only child.) This makes the groom and I first cousins once removed!

Anyway, the groom is 36 and my dad is 24 years older than him! In comparison, my oldest first cousin (on my paternal side; my maternal first cousins are all around my age or slightly younger) is 19 years older than me.

The food was actually pretty good! There were eight courses. I enjoyed the ‘Stir Fried Scallops, Fresh Mushroom and Broccoli with XO Sauce’ and ‘Wasabi Prawn with Raisin & Strawberry’ the most! The final course, dessert, was ‘Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts and Pumpkins’  (aka orh nee), which I usually dislike, but found quite delicious this time. (Alas, no photos, cos I was too lazy to take! :P)

And one of the aunties (my dad’s cousin really) asked if I was still in JC (ie, 17 or 18!), and added that she thought I looked no older than 20 or 21!!!!!! (My mum very amusedly informed her that I was already 25……) :D :D :D

the end

We’re all alive! The world didn’t end today!!! :D

sometimes i really don’t know what to say

When I entered the lift this morning, an upstairs neighbour – an older lady – was inside.

So I smiled at her and she smiled back.

After a pause, she said, ‘You look like your mother.’

There was another pause, and I replied, ‘Oh okay thank you.’

Sometimes I really don’t know what to say……


Today is my second anniversary at my first ever job!!!

Congratulations to me!!! :D

the hobbit: an unexpected journey

After dinner on Thursday, I met Zhiqi and we went to attend my company’s Members’ Appreciation Nite, where we screened The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to members who had previously purchased tickets at $10 a pair. We were in the last row, with some of my colleagues and their friends and family.

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