a bit too hard

The brother cooked dinner for both of us just now. He made chicken with whisky mushroom sauce and stirfried potatoes with peas.

Alas, the chicken was a bit too hard, and so were the potatoes. This was because the chicken was overcooked but the potatoes were undercooked! :P


Other than the hard chunks of potato, the softer, mashier bits were actually pretty yummy. My brother also added bits of bacon, which was a nice touch.

As for the chicken, the whisky mushroom sauce tasted slightly bitter and a little one note. My brother had cooked the chicken first, and used the same pan to make the sauce without washing it first. So the burnt bits and the whisky combined to make a super bitter whisky mushroom sauce, so my brother had to throw it away. Luckily my sister had returned so she helped him slice more mushrooms and make more sauce.

Despite the overcookedness and undercookness, I’d say it was a pretty good first attempt at cooking such a dish!


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