sweet teeth

Had a strange massive craving for a green tea latte today, but managed to suppress it while working. After work, took the train home, and then rushed to the nearby malls for my green tea fix.

First I tried the McCafe in the nearer mall, but they didn’t sell green tea lattes.

So I went to Starbucks, at the other end of the same mall, but the queue was horribly long so I gave up.

Finally I decided to walk all the way to Coffee Bean, located in the other mall. There was only a couple of people ahead of me. Finally, when it was my turn, I asked for a green tea latte. To my shock and horror, the staff told me that all the Coffee Bean outlets in Singapore had run out of green tea and new stocks would only be arriving the next day. WHAT!!!!!! How could that even be possible?! She offered to take down my name and number so she could call me when the green tea came in, but I declined, because I wouldn’t have a craving for it by then.

But since I had already made the trip there, I decided to get a caramel latte ($6.40). It was nice and cold, but it was not a green tea latte. I walked home feeling gastronomically unsatisfied. :(


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