forever 21

Yesterday evening, my family (sans sister) attended a wedding dinner held at Grand Park City Hall in Coleman Street. Had no idea that there is such a grand little hotel behind Peninsula Plaza!

The groom is one of my dad’s maternal first cousins. (My dad has no paternal first cousins as his dad was an only child.) This makes the groom and I first cousins once removed!

Anyway, the groom is 36 and my dad is 24 years older than him! In comparison, my oldest first cousin (on my paternal side; my maternal first cousins are all around my age or slightly younger) is 19 years older than me.

The food was actually pretty good! There were eight courses. I enjoyed the ‘Stir Fried Scallops, Fresh Mushroom and Broccoli with XO Sauce’ and ‘Wasabi Prawn with Raisin & Strawberry’ the most! The final course, dessert, was ‘Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts and Pumpkins’  (aka orh nee), which I usually dislike, but found quite delicious this time. (Alas, no photos, cos I was too lazy to take! :P)

And one of the aunties (my dad’s cousin really) asked if I was still in JC (ie, 17 or 18!), and added that she thought I looked no older than 20 or 21!!!!!! (My mum very amusedly informed her that I was already 25……) :D :D :D


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