the solitary diner

Since dinner with Daphne and Sze Yong yesterday evening was cancelled last minute, I had to dine by myself. :P Decided to try Tonkichi near my place. As I was alone and almost all the tables were occupied, I was seated at the bar. Ordered a Yokubari set ($24.90).

After I had ordered, I was given a bowl with a bit of sesame seeds and a pestle.


Apparently I was supposed to pound the sesame seeds and then add a bit of tonkatsu sauce (from the tallest condiment bottle above; the smallest held shichimi and the last one contained light soya sauce). This was supposed to enhance the flavours of the sauce, but I tried it before and after I had mixed it with the pounded sesame seeds and found that there was scarcely any difference.

Finally, my food came! The Yokubari set comprised of various deep fried items: (from left) an oyster, a crab cream croquette, a pork fillet (or tonkatsu) and two prawns. It came with the usual accompaniments: rice, pickles, salad, miso soup and addictive tartar sauce.

281212 2

Close up of the goodies!

281212 3

The oyster was plump and juicy without being too fishy. The crab croquette was smooth and creamy, but didn’t really taste like crab. The pork fillet was good, but the piece was so tiny that I finished it in two bites and didn’t feel shiok enough! (I think Tonkatsu by Ma Maison’s tonkatsu is way better, though!) But at least there were two prawns! Everything was nice and crispy but nothing much to shout about. But after I had polished off everything, it was still a rather satisfying dinner.

281212 4

After they cleared my tray, they gave me complimentary fruit! What a nice surprise!!! :D

4 Tampines Central 5
Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
+65 6789 1726


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