close of the year

Going to do a quick round up of the year, since brevity is the soul of wit……


Organized a mental health convention, under the guidance of big boss M and my two convention chairpersons, Dr A and Dr N, of course. 400 members of public and 200 doctors turned up.

My direct boss G resigned (at a super busy period), and I took over her portfolio completely.

Finally, I received a promotion and a sizable raise at the end of the year. Yay!


Reconnected with old friends and made new ones.

Attended a Social Development Network event, Chocolate & Wine Pairing, just for fun. It was held at a little bar in Keong Saik Road. Ended up chatting to a slim and well-preserved 39-year-old woman for a great part of the night.


Went to eat at a whole ton of places, usually with friends. It was really the first time I’d ever spent so much on food… 2012 must’ve been the year of dining out for me!

Participated in JY’s charity project and helped raise funds for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation. We were tasked with different roles (I got Publicity) and also to had to approach various sponsors. Taking a leaf out of my mental health convention work, I wrote a letter to a L** Foundation and they sent us a cheque for $5000!!! SUCCESS.

Didn’t really learn anything new this year…  just attended a two-hour DJ session with Darren Au in Anaki Records.

Also went for a few exhibitions, and particularly enjoyed the Affordable Art Fair.

Personal finances

Just kept saving money without doing much else, this should change asap!


Shopped just a leeetle too much, spent just a leeetle too much on clothes and accessories this year. Alas, many of them still lie unworn around my room…


Oh but I am pleased to say that I spoilt only one umbrella this year! :D

To 2013!!!


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