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Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Gossip Girl, season 3 episode 19

I cannot believe that Gossip Girl finally ended its run late last year (17 December 2012 to be exact). Now I have absolutely NOTHING to watch on TV anymore! :( But actually I’ve only watched the fifth and sixth (and final) seasons, so perhaps I should get my hands on the first four and start watching the show properly from the very beginning! :P


the solitary diner

Left work late and was super hungry so decided to have dinner at Tonkichi before going home. Didn’t have enough of their pork tonkatsu during my first visit, so I ordered an ebi and rosu katsu (prawn and pork loin) set ($22.90).

310113 2My phone had run out of battery so here’s a photo of the dish from Tonkichi’s menu. It came with rice, salad, pickles and miso soup.

The portion was quite substantial. The pork was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Nice but somehow still not as good as Tonkatsu by Ma Maison’s.

After I had finished my food, they gave me some complimentary fruit. It was watermelon this time. :)

4 Tampines Central 5
Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
+65 6789 1726

mix mix

Look at all these food! Cabbage, long beans, cucumber, beansprouts, eggs, tofu, tempeh, potatoes and keropok!


Take a little of each and put it on a plate.

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boy boy

Ordered lunch from Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice near Tiong Bahru Market. Pork chops with curry gravy, luncheon meat with potatoes and curry vegetables.

After I had paid, the boss uncle said, ‘你没有带你的 boy boy 来吃?’

I gave him a sad face and replied, ‘我 single!’

And the uncle responded, ‘No need husband, boyfriend also can!’


sore throat

Long time no karaoke! So Karen and I went to K Box at Bedok Point yesterday evening, and opted for the K Dinner package at $23+++ (karaoke from 6 pm to 10.30 pm, and came with a meal and a drink).

We had three options from Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. I had chicken with garlic rice (and mango juice, right). The chicken came with a tangy sauce that was actually very spicy! The chicken was nice but a little tough. The portion was pretty substantial. Meanwhile Karen had seafood spaghetti (and honey lemon drink, left), which was nice and really peppery. Overall, reasonably good food, seeing that they were packed dinners.

(The third option was actually fish and chips, which I already tried the last time I was at K Box. I thought it was the best, actually. I guess deep fried stuff is always nice, haha.)


Anyway we sang and sang and sang and sang and sang all our favourite karaoke songs for 4.5 hours straight, and my throat rather sore by the time we left. Fun times!

you want sexy?

Ordered lunch from Thai Lion Kitchen in Tiong Bahru Market today. Chicken basil rice with two fried eggs – without the rice. The stall auntie, who is Thai, looked very amused, and said, ‘You no eat rice? You want sexy?’

HAHAHAHAHAHA how cute is that!!! :D

why does fashion matter?

Marc Jacobs, on why fashion does matter:

Let’s see. It’s part of the art of living. Why does makeup matter? Why does fragrance matter? Why does fashion matter? Why does it matter to have beautiful furniture and nice interiors and books to read and good wine to drink and good food to eat? These are all luxuries and it’s human nature to want them, to desire them, to enjoy them, enjoy looking at them, wearing them. I think it’s just human nature. We want things to please us and make us feel good and maybe attract other people to us or just make us feel good about ourselves.

from Jessica Iredale, WWD CEO Summit: Marc Jacobs, WWD, 9 January 2013

you learn something new every day

Read about the Sentinelese people of North Sentinel Island recently:

The Sentinelese (also Sentineli, Senteneli, Sentenelese, North Sentinel Islanders) are one of the Andamanese indigenous peoples and one of the most uncontacted peoples of the Andaman Islands, located in India in the Bay of Bengal. They inhabit North Sentinel Island which lies westward off the southern tip of the Great Andaman archipelago. They are noted for vigorously resisting attempts at contact by outsiders. The Sentinelese maintain an essentially hunter-gatherer society subsisting through hunting, fishing, and collecting wild plants; there is no evidence of either agricultural practices or methods of producing fire.

from here

Little is known about the Sentinelese despite outsiders carrying out expeditions to their island throughout history. (You can read a very absorbing article on these expeditions here.) The rest of the world calls them the ‘Sentinelese’, but nobody knows what they call themselves. Presumably this situation suits them perfectly fine as they are often hostile to outsiders, greeting them with hails of arrows!

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value for money

Went for threading at my usual place, this small Indian beauty salon near Clementi MRT, after work yesterday. Then I was super hungry and decided to try this relatively famous stall, Tanglin Halt Western Food, at the nearby hawker centre.

I ordered pork chops, and swapped the fries for a sunny side up.


The pork chops were nice and crispy but a little tough in places. They were covered with a layer of gloopy, tangy sauce (tomato, according to some blogs), which I couldn’t decide whether I liked or not. The coleslaw was perfect though, not too sour and no ‘weird’ taste. Overall, the pork chops were good, not great, and for the price, definitely value for money.

Felt like a cold drink, so I got a teh peng from one of the drinks stalls in the same hawker centre, but it was sooo sweet that I drank barely half before junking it. :P

Tanglin Halt Western Food
Blk 448
Clementi Ave 3
Clementi Avenue 3 Food Centre
Singapore 120448

easter eggs

If you’re bored and have a little time to spare……

First, go to Google and search ’tilt’.

Then, search ‘do a barrel roll’.

Lastly, search ‘zerg rush’.

Wasn’t that fun? :D

These hidden functions are called ‘Easter eggs‘.

Click here to check out other Easter eggs designed by Google!

a piece of p.i.e

Another ad on the front page of the Straits Times today…..


Wow, McDonald’s has really gone political! :P


Something I read online today……

What does a clock do when it’s hungry?

It goes back four seconds.

the solitary diner


160113 2

Lunch today: a set meal from Caffe Pralet ($15.50 – the $0.50 was for extra mayonnaise hmmm) comprising a bacon and avocado panini, red velvet cake and washed down with a cup of English breakfast tea. Delicious as usual. Was super full after that! :D

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
Eng Hoon Mansions
Singapore 169767
+65 6223 5595

special requirements

From a job opening for a sales and marketing manager, posted on Reebonz’s website……


  • Smart – so as to outwit villains (i.e. Competitors)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sales & Marketing or related field
  • Supersonic Speed – ability to think & work fast
  • Create a Storm – developing out-of-the-box ideas
  • Hawk Eye – an eye for detail
  • Bionic Ears – to hear what the customer really wants
  • Banshee Voice – to articulate well in English

How amusing! :)

the solitary diner


Lunch today: Norwegian smoked salmon sandwich ($15.80) and green tea latte ($5.50) from Drips Cafe! Enjoyed it to the last crumb and drip! :D

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road
Singapore 160082
+65 6222 0400

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