sore throat

Long time no karaoke! So Karen and I went to K Box at Bedok Point yesterday evening, and opted for the K Dinner package at $23+++ (karaoke from 6 pm to 10.30 pm, and came with a meal and a drink).

We had three options from Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. I had chicken with garlic rice (and mango juice, right). The chicken came with a tangy sauce that was actually very spicy! The chicken was nice but a little tough. The portion was pretty substantial. Meanwhile Karen had seafood spaghetti (and honey lemon drink, left), which was nice and really peppery. Overall, reasonably good food, seeing that they were packed dinners.

(The third option was actually fish and chips, which I already tried the last time I was at K Box. I thought it was the best, actually. I guess deep fried stuff is always nice, haha.)


Anyway we sang and sang and sang and sang and sang all our favourite karaoke songs for 4.5 hours straight, and my throat rather sore by the time we left. Fun times!


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