a somewhat atas lunch

Daphne came to the office yesterday afternoon to visit us, so Sze Yong and I decided to give her a belated birthday lunch treat at Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant downstairs. :)


Chinese tea to clear the palate and achar to whet the appetite……

We ordered prawn paste chicken, tofu with minced meat and pickled radish, and kailan in oyster sauce.

050213 2

All my colleagues love Ka-Soh’s prawn paste chicken. Like all good fried chicken, this prawn paste chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. However, I don’t like the pungent smell and taste of prawn paste, and so only ate one piece.

050213 3

I enjoyed the tofu with minced meat and pickled radish immensely. The tofu was nice and soft, and the minced meat and pickled radish gravy was super delicious! I scooped a lot of it onto my rice. :D

050213 4

Was quite surprised when the kailan in oyster sauce arrived. Had been expecting the veggies to be drenched in a thick sauce like zhi char places elsewhere, but no! Instead, these were blanched, so that there were still quite crunchy, and drizzled with a really light oyster sauce. Very interesting!

And then we had dessert!

050213 5

All of us had almond tofu with lychees! The almond tofu was firm enough, but I wish they had just chilled the dessert, instead of adding gigantic ice cubes to it. :P

After lunch we lingered at the table and chatted, until it was time for Sze Yong and me to return to work. :P

Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant
2 College Road
Alumni Medical Centre
Level 1
Singapore 169850
+65 6473 6686


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