a special staff lunch

Our office has a tradition of holding staff lunches for one reason or another. In fact, in early 2011, my big boss M treated everyone to Domino’s pizza after I won a bet with him by managing to add at least 200 friends to our company’s newly set up Facebook presence. And colleagues who get promoted also treat the rest of us. Since LL, MS, S, SR, SY and I were promoted at the end of last year, it was our turn to do the treating!

So on Monday, LL drove MS, S and I out to get lunch. Dropped S at Great World City to pick up some dessert, while the rest of us went on to the National University of Singapore (NUS). We had preordered packed lunches from the Middle Eastern stall at the business faculty’s canteen, called Cafe Le Caire. After collecting the food, we went to get S, and returned to the office.

For the packed lunches, everyone got to choose one of four options: tomato chicken, chicken kebab, crispy chicken or mutton, and each lunch came with spiced rice and salad. We also ordered some flatbread and yogurt and hummus dips.


I chose the crispy chicken set (above), which I used to eat quite frequently during my time in NUS. It tasted as good as ever.

For dessert, we had lots of ice cream (four tubs: two Ben & Jerry’s, and two Haagen Daaz) and strawberries, which S had bought.

The lunch was great! I enjoyed myself and I hope everyone did as well! :D


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