korean bbq

Second day of Chinese New Year today, and somehow my brother and I found ourselves home alone. >.< So we decided to go out for dinner at a nearby mall. Most of the eateries (and other shops) were closed, but SsikSin BBQ wasn’t!

The restaurant features a Korean barbecue buffet ($24 per person for dinner) with a dozen types of meats in various marinades: about half are beef, and the rest, pork and chicken. We tried nearly all the meats. I am not a fan of beef but I thought the beef bulgogi was the nicest! One type of chicken with a similar marinade tasted pretty good as well. There were also other meats like sausages (which we didn’t bother with), prawns (which didn’t taste fresh) and bacon (which tasted really hard and horrible). There was also a large variety of kimchi, pickles and other condiments to go with the meats.

My brother did the cooking mainly!


Actually we just threw everything haphazardly onto the grill set in our table. But we noticed the tables on both sides of ours cooking their items in a neat, systematic way. We should do that next time!

The buffet also offered cooked items like fried chicken (too hard and not crispy), tempura (not too bad) and gimbap (Korean sushi; VERY NICE). We also took some vermicelli that tasted great after it had spent some time on our grill.

110213 2

They had this corn seasoned with a light dressing dish that was simply delicious! Went back for seconds.

110213 3

We ate everything we took except two fried chicken wings and a couple of prawns, and emerged super full! Overall the food isn’t spectacular but the place is somewhat value for money.

SsikSin BBQ
10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines 1
Singapore 529536
+65 6784 8334


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