the solitary diner

Lunch at Caffe Pralet again today!

Ordered a set meal comprising a main, a dessert and a drink ($15).

My main was a roast chicken and avocado sandwich, which tasted as good as ever.


I  usually order a hot tea, but this time I ordered an iced coffee. They either forgot to add sugar or give me any, but the coffee was super cold and super bitter – super shiok! :D

260213 2

And for dessert I had coffee caramel cake, which looked more atas than any other cake I’ve ever seen in this place!

260213 3

It was made of some sort of coffee caramel mousse (the caramel wasn’t very strong, though) and covered with a hard chocolate layer around it. The mousse was nice and rich, and I especially enjoyed crunching through the chocolate layer. And it went very well with my iced coffee!

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
Eng Hoon Mansions
Singapore 169767
+65 6223 5595


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