army daze

After dinner yesterday, Serena and I went to Jubilee Hall in Raffles Hotel (next to Raffles City) to catch an adaptation of Army Daze (originally written in 1987 by Michael Chiang), presented by Nanyang Technological University’s Hall 13. Joanne had gotten the tickets somehow and asked if we were interested, and we said yes! I haven’t been to a proper stage performance for eons!

Jubilee Hall is a cosy little old-fashioned theatre. Last night, it was about 75% full. I wondered aloud if Serena and I were the oldest ones in the audience! :P

160313 3

So the play was about a ragtag multiracial bunch of army recruits who endure the trials and tribulations of national service together, with often humorous results. If this sounds very familiar, it’s because Army Daze is the original Ah Boys to Men! :)

My favourite characters were this sergeant who spouted hilarious sayings (in the vein of ‘when the chicken crosses the road, the fish jump out of the water’), and also the girlfriend of one of the recruits, a giggly flirty Indian girl (who was played by a Chinese girl).

Alas the performance was marred by a bad sound system – we couldn’t hear what the actors were saying from time to time.

160313 4

Curtain call!

It wasn’t a spectacular performance (during one of the scenes, a tree prop collapsed), but I quite enjoyed myself. :)


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