not nice

Was supposed to attend a performance with Serena yesterday evening, so we decided to grab dinner first. We walked around the basement of Raffles City a bit, before she suggested Fruits Paradise. They actually specialize in fruit tarts, which I’d tried years ago, and didn’t really like – too healthy-tasting!

I ordered an omu rice with fried chicken,


while Serena ordered one with tempura prawns ($10.40 each).

160313 2

I thought my food looked pretty delicious, but alas! The rice was insipid and the omelette was tasteless! Not nice! Luckily the chicken wasn’t too bad (but how wrong can you go with freshly fried stuff anyway?), and the gravy added a little much-needed flavour.

Serena didn’t enjoy her omu rice, and neither did I, but I hate wasting food so I finished everything! :P

And so, a warning:

At Fruits Paradise,
Do not try their omu rice.
Because – it’s not nice!

(And in haiku form, nonetheless – perfectly apt for a Japanese eatery!)

Fruits Paradise
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
+65 6333 4849


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