a farewell dinner of sorts

The sister left for a one-week holiday in Korea yesterday night, so we decided to have dinner at the airport before her flight, and settled on Sakae Sushi. Haven’t eaten at a Sakae Sushi for maybe four or five years.

We ordered two bento boxes. The first was chicken teriyaki and tempura,


while the second was fried chicken and saba fish.

240313 2

The tempura and fried chicken were good though not great, and I enjoyed the flavourful teriyaki chicken. No comments about the saba fish as I’ve never liked how its flesh tastes.

In addition to taking some sushi off the conveyer belt (no photos), we also ordered some takopachi and agedashi tofu (some pieces were already eaten in the following photo).

240313 3

Haven’t eaten takopachi for eons! It was nice but didn’t seem to have a filling of any sort? And the agedashi tofu came with its batter coating crispy, and went very well with its savoury sauce. Nothing like that atrocious version from Sushi Tei.

Sakae Sushi
Viewing Mall
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Singapore 819643
+65 6546 5383


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