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the name’s bond…

This is a cute little snippet which appeared in a little brown sidebar, next to an article titled ‘Yuan bond offerings off to strong start in Singapore’ in today’s Today (by the same writer)……

The name’s Bond … Bak Kut Teh Bond?

While analysts are upbeat about the potential of offshore yuan-denominated bonds issued in Singapore, nobody seems certain what to call them.

Initially, many people stuck with “Dim Sum Bonds”, which is what yuan debt issued in Hong Kong is known as. However, to differentiate Singapore’s offerings, some have started to call them “Lion City Bonds”.

But some think that shows a lack of imagination bearing in mind the colourful names given to bonds elsewhere, such as Japan’s Samurai Bonds and Korea’s Kimchi Bonds.


My colleague J sent this image to me today……


the solitary diner

Took leave yesterday and today. Somehow found myself at my alma mater National University of Singapore (NUS) this afternoon. Since I hadn’t been to Cedele for quite some time, decided to lunch at the Cedele branch in NUS.

280513 5

It’s a tiny outlet in a bookstore called Bookhaven, which itself is in the recently completed NUS University Town (a pretty cool place in all, if I may add!). (I was curious about who operated the bookstore, and later asked the cashier, who told me that it was run by the NUS Co-op.)

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with hopefully many more to come

There was some sort sort of sale at Tangs on Thursday, so I went down to check out their Orchard Road branch, and got something that I’d been eyeing for the longest time…… THIS!!!


It’s a long necklace sprinkled with  green onyx, pink amethyst, prehnite and prasiolite from local label Dave Fine Jewellery. Isn’t it lovely? It was 15% off, so I finally decided to buy it. My very first piece of fine jewellery, with hopefully many more to come!!! :D

No more cheapo costume jewellery made of lousy materials for me anymore! (Although I’d make an exception for costume jewellery of good quality, like Saint Laurent’s Arty rings!) From now onwards I will save for the real thing!!! :D


Have worked for the past 11 consecutive days (including the weekend), with overtime every day! Am exhausted right now, but it all paid off as our May issue has finally gone to print!

Going to spend the next few days sleeping……

flipping over a table in anger

Flipping over a table in anger:
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Putting the table back nicely:
┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

Throwing the guy who put the table back nicely:
(╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

HAHAHAHA how cute are these Japanese emoticons? To see a whole amazing and amusing list, click HERE! (My colleague J sent me the link – she loves Japanese things!) Enjoy! 。◕‿◕。

the solitary diner

Decided to end a stressful week at work by going for a solitary dinner at Great World City. Had a craving for Japanese curry, so I ended up at Ebiboshi Shotenagai, which actually houses three dining brands under one roof: Uomasa (sushi and sashimi), Bishamon (ramen) and Bentendo (Japanese fusion).

Ordered a Bishamon curry rice ($14.50), which had pork katsu, tempura prawns and fried chicken, and came with a salad on the side.


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This morning, while I was walking through the void deck of a nearby block on my way to the MRT, I saw a mynah pulling out bristles from a natural straw broom lying against a wall. Building its nest, I suppose……


……and jubilation in the time of parturition!


Love in the time of cholera, panic in the time of SARS, apprehension in the time of H7N9……

the elixir of youth

A snippet of a Whatsapp conversation with Daphne just after midnight yesterday morning……

Daphne: Sigh now still doing homework

Me: Do you feel like 16 again

Daphne: Nope
I feel like 10

Me: !!!

Daphne: Haha
Sigh tonnes of homework not done yet

Me: 原来做功课竟然有返老还童的作用 [So doing homework has the effect of making one younger]

PS So everyone, please do more homework! :P

ploughing on

Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.

Les Brown, American author

my first ever credit card

Early last month, I applied for my first ever credit card, and received it in the mail about a fortnight ago. Opened the envelope to take a look, then put it aside and forgot about it until today! :P

There it is – my Frank by OCBC credit card!


You can personalize your card by choosing one of 120 card designs. Since I like colourful things, I chose jellybeans! (Incidentally, I tried jellybeans for the first time in my life sometime last year. They were softer and nicer than I thought they would be!)

Previously, I only had the DBS NUS Debit Card, which was useful but had a lousy cashback rate, and I thought I should learn how to use a credit card, so I finally decided to apply for one!

something to think about

I bought my first Valentino scarf in the ’70s. Then came the shoes, then came the blouse, and now I can afford the whole outfit.

Oprah Winfrey, to WWD, at Valentino’s fall couture show in Paris, September 2004 (from here)

hello may

Something really pretty I spotted online a couple of days ago……

hello may

from here

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