the solitary diner

Took leave yesterday and today. Somehow found myself at my alma mater National University of Singapore (NUS) this afternoon. Since I hadn’t been to Cedele for quite some time, decided to lunch at the Cedele branch in NUS.

280513 5

It’s a tiny outlet in a bookstore called Bookhaven, which itself is in the recently completed NUS University Town (a pretty cool place in all, if I may add!). (I was curious about who operated the bookstore, and later asked the cashier, who told me that it was run by the NUS Co-op.)

280513 4

Look at the art installation hanging from the ceiling!

I ordered a rosemary chicken sandwich ($7.80; I chose pumpkin bread) and a cake and drink set ($7). I chose red velvet cake and iced red rooibos tea without any sugar. (I don’t believe I’ve ever had red rooibos tea, which apparently is not a true tea.)


280513 2

Other than shredded chicken, the sandwich contained lettuce and tomatoes, and seasoned with mayonnaise and cranberry jam. The chicken was a bit hard and dry, and needed a little more salt. Other than that, it was a nice and healthy tasting sandwich.

280513 3

The red velvet cake was a little hard as well. (Kept too long in the fridge?) Anyway this was the chocolatiest red velvet cake I’ve ever had. They decorated the outer surface with chocolate shavings, and the cream cheese icing between the two layers of cake was speckled with chocolate powder. Didn’t taste too bad, but I guess all that chocolate made the cake somewhat inauthentic. :P

In all, this little Cedele outlet is a peaceful place to while away an afternoon!

2 College Avenue West
EduSports Complex

Singapore 138607
+65 6268 9234


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