the solitary diner

Swung by the office this morning to clear some work. To my surprise, colleague R popped in as well. Left after four hours in the office, and bussed down to Takashimaya to buy something. Was super hungry as it was almost 4 pm and breakfast had been a long time ago. Decided to dine at Tampopo as there was no queue. (Yes there were queues elsewhere!)

Ordered tonkatsu ramen ($16.80). The ramen soup was supposed to have chilli but I requested for none, as I prefer ‘plain’ ramen soups.


The tonkatsu was good! The noodles, which came with bamboo shoots and spring onions, were firm and had bite. And the soup, which came piping hot (good!), was a little bland when I first tried it. Later on, it tasted much better. Overall, I found this bowl of ramen reasonably enjoyable, although I think Santouka’s is better.

Hunger now assuaged, I went forth in search of the item I had gone there to buy……

391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
+65 6338 3186


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