fifty shades of grey

Left my house wearing a surgical mask this morning. Everything was tinged a dull reddish grey, and there was an acrid smell in the air. It even seemed a little grey inside my office, which is air-conditioned. Everyone got a box of N95 masks from 3M, which had expired but were still usable. Spent the rest of the day wearing one, mainly for practice.

At 11 am, the PSI reading was a whopping 400!!!

In the late morning, my big boss M and some colleagues went down somewhere to collect 500 boxes of 3M N95 masks (not expired!) that our company’d stockpiled since 2008. We then emailed our members to inform that we had masks for sale at cost price, and each member was allowed to buy a maximum of two boxes.

Thereafter, our members came in drips and drabs to buy the masks. By late afternoon, however, a queue had formed. It was crowded, but the mood was convivial, with members chatting and joking with each other. Our previous president Dr CYW came, and got into line as well, just to ‘set a good example’, although we had set aside two boxes for him. He said that this felt just like the SARS situation a decade ago, but was more lighthearted this time.

The phones kept ringing and ringing. Our front desk, which usually takes and transfers calls, were busy selling the masks, so the rest of us helped out. I think I must have answered over 30 calls in an hour.

We had originally intended to sell the masks all the way till 9 pm, but were completely sold out by 6.

What a busy day! And may I say, haze haze go away!


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