the solitary diner

Finally went for my first ever medical appointment at a public specialist centre this morning (had postponed it twice!). Now I have a better idea of how public healthcare works!

A nurse dilated my pupils with eye drops before I saw the doctor. The nurse warned me that the eye drops would be ‘spicy’, and she was right! My eyes felt a stinging sensation.

Anyway, the eye drops took effect pretty quickly.  I realized that when I had my glasses on, I could see far, but was unable to read as things near my eyes were somehow out of focus. When I had my glasses off and things were brought really close to my eyes, I was able to read, but couldn’t see pretty much everything else clearly. Later, after I left the building, I also found the sunlight very glaring.

The doctor checked my eyes, and pronounced them completely fine. :D But I got a day’s medical leave because my eyesight was affected by the eye drops.

After that I was super hungry, and decided to have lunch at Novena Square. Walked around a bit and ended up at Professor Brawn Cafe, a social enterprise.

Ordered a set lunch, comprising the soup of the day, a main course and a drink ($15.90). Alas, no photos as my phone’s battery was flat.

For the drink, I could choose between orange and lemon cordial, and picked the former.

The soup, clam chowder, was flavourful but a bit on the thin side. It was full of ingredients: mushrooms, onions, and bits of clams that you could actually taste, although they were a little fishy.

270613photo from here

My main course was the cafe’s signature fish and chips, but I replaced the chips with potato wedges. The batter coating the fish was a bit too hard and overcooked, but its flesh remained soft and nice. The dish also came with some fresh salad. Their tartar sauce was a bit too sour though – something more mellow would be better. Overall, other than the substantial portion, I found it pretty pedestrian. Nothing really ‘signature’ about it. :P

Professor Brawn Cafe
238 Thomson Road
Novena Square
Singapore 307685
+65 6253 4650


2 Responses to “the solitary diner”

  1. 1 dobberina Thursday, 11 July, 2013 at 9:56 pm

    Are you getting lasik as well?!

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