frenzied friday

Joanne and I made a last minute decision to meet for dinner yesterday evening. We settled on Bugis+, thinking that it would not be crowded. How wrong we were! It was just as packed as the connecting Bugis Junction! There was also some sort of yo-yo event going on in Bugis+’s atrium, and lots of weird-looking youngsters were in attendance. :P

(I must say that CapitaMall Trust has done a great job of buying over the erstwhile Illuma, a ghost town, and turning it into a mall as successful as Bugis Junction, which CapitaMall also owns.)

All the eateries on the fourth floor had ridiculously long queues, while the ones on the first floor looked blah, so we decided to venture outside to find food. We went to Japanese vegetarian restaurant Herbivore in Fortune Centre, but there was a queue, and then to dimsum joint Victor’s Kitchen in Sunshine Plaza, but it was closed for the day.


So we went back to Bugis+, where the crowds had significantly dissipated, and settled on Ma Maison. Were super hungry so we both decided to get tonkatsu sets ($19.80 each) even before we were seated. The food tasted similar to other Ma Maison outlets, but the portions seemed smaller. And each tonkatsu set came with dessert, and what we got was matcha ice cream (above), which alas, tasted much more milk than green tea. But it was served in a darling little heart shaped bowl, which in turn stood in a shallow depression in a matching saucer.

After paying, we rushed back to Bugis Junction to catch Pacific Rim. I had absolutely no prior knowledge as to what it was about, and we’d missed the first five minutes of the movie, so you can imagine my great amazement and amusement when great ugly monsters started emerging from the sea and going around killing humans.

So in the movie, these colossal creatures are called Kaiju, which emerge from a portal in the Pacific Ocean, and destroy coastal settlements. To deal with these threats, Jaegers, giant fighting robots controlled by the minds of two or more pilots, were developed.

The two main leads, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, who both have tragic pasts, end up piloting the same Jaeger, Gipsy Danger. When Hong Kong is attacked by two Kaijus, they successfully kill one before hunting out the other. But the second Kaiju manages to grab the Jaegar in its claws, and suddenly, spreads its wings (the audience gasped audibly at that point) and actually flies! Raleigh is resigned to their fates, but Mako says that they still have one weapon left! And somehow, a sword materializes in their Jaeger’s hand! They proceed to use the sword to rip the flying Kaiju into half, and the entire audience chorused ‘WAHHHHHH!’ in unison haha.

There were some surprisingly touching moments. Such as the scenes between Mako and her adoptive father, Stacker Pentecost, who leads the Jaeger forces. And also the goodbye scene between this Australian father and son (and the son’s dog), when the latter goes on a mission that he is unlikely to return from, and he eventually does not. I also thought that the child actress who plays a traumatized young Mako in a flashback scene, can act really well!

I also enjoyed the funny supporting characters like the two mad scientists with the Jaeger forces, and Hannibal Chau, a black marketeer specializing in Kaiju parts.

Overall, I thought Pacific Rim has a pretty interesting plot, but somehow, at the back of my mind was a voice which kept insisting that it was a rather lame movie. :P


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