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yoga class

Restarted yoga classes this evening, after a hiatus of more than a year, at a community club near my home. The class is younger, but slightly more international: there’s an angmoh auntie and a Filipino woman. There is only one guy, but alas, he is not hot. Haha.

To greater flexibility and inner peace!


the power of social capital

Once upon a time, I looked at my boss’ list of Facebook friends, and noted, with some admiration, that it was full of doctors, lawyers, civil servants, academics, and other movers and shakers of the like.

Then I looked at my own, and realized that it was exactly the same.

And that is, perhaps, one of the most best legacies that attending a top school can bestow upon you…… yes, the power of social capital……

caught in the web of love

Is this the most imba (first time using this word! :D) press release published by a local governmental agency ever? (Hat tip to friend Mel for the link!)

Prologue: True love…seriously?

It was May 2012 when a married Singaporean man was attracted to a female Chinese national and the couple decided to develop their illicit relationship further.  Unfortunately, as with many heart-rending love stories, they did not live happily forever as both were married, but not to each other.

Click HERE to read the rest of the press release! There’s even a photo montage at the bottom of the page!!!

Shared the link with a couple of other friends, and SY commented that ‘the corp comms must have psycho-ed the perm sec [permanent secretary]’, haha!

Last but not least, check out other press releases by the same organization here! Most of them start with corny titles and introductions!!! :P

fatty aunt

Colleagues R and M took GE and me to a yong tau foo place for lunch today. It actually isn’t very far to walk from our office, but you’d have to go uphill then downhill (and then uphill and downhill on the way back), so luckily R was driving today.

The place turned out to be a little joint, called Fatty Aunt Yong Tau Foo, located in a void deck in a sleepy HDB estate. They have a pretty large selection of yong tau foo items. Nonfried items were stored in a top-opening ice cream fridge, while fried items were placed on shelves right above. Most items are $0.50 each. They have all the different noodles and even yam rice as well, and you can have your yong tau foo with soup, sweet sauce, chilli sauce, bean sauce, laksa or minced meat.

I asked them what their recommended items were, and one of the staff replied that they were ngor hiang, yam fritters, tofu topped with meat and some special fishcake (which I think contained mushrooms). So I ordered all of those plus a few more items (no rice or noodles for me!), and paid $4.30 in all. (Everything was $0.50 except the tofu which was $0.80.)


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another one bites the dust

My mum finally bought a handphone, a Nokia Asha 305, after years of people asking why she had none. (Actually, she did get a brick-sized Nokia in late 2000, but gave it to my dad for some reason or another.)

So she called me at work this afternoon to announce her new number. After that, at 1.10 pm, I sent her a message, ‘Hello mummy!!!’ About two hours later, at 3.05 pm, she replied, ‘Tks’.

The manual her phone came with is unsurprisingly scant, so I’m helping her google for information on how to use some functions. :P

floral arrangement class

Will be having my first Western floral arrangement class after work today, at the community club near my office! Signed up for this course a month ago and have been counting down to today! Have never ever done floral arrangement before, hence my excitement!!!  :D

october, suddenly

And a quarter of a year more to go!!! :O

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