fatty aunt

Colleagues R and M took GE and me to a yong tau foo place for lunch today. It actually isn’t very far to walk from our office, but you’d have to go uphill then downhill (and then uphill and downhill on the way back), so luckily R was driving today.

The place turned out to be a little joint, called Fatty Aunt Yong Tau Foo, located in a void deck in a sleepy HDB estate. They have a pretty large selection of yong tau foo items. Nonfried items were stored in a top-opening ice cream fridge, while fried items were placed on shelves right above. Most items are $0.50 each. They have all the different noodles and even yam rice as well, and you can have your yong tau foo with soup, sweet sauce, chilli sauce, bean sauce, laksa or minced meat.

I asked them what their recommended items were, and one of the staff replied that they were ngor hiang, yam fritters, tofu topped with meat and some special fishcake (which I think contained mushrooms). So I ordered all of those plus a few more items (no rice or noodles for me!), and paid $4.30 in all. (Everything was $0.50 except the tofu which was $0.80.)


Everything was pretty fresh and good! The fried items were still crispy – think they had been refried before serving. I only thought the ngor hiang tasted rather normal. The items went well with the sweet and chilli sauces, and the soup was nice and not too salty. Service is pretty prompt and friendly as well. Overall, rather good value for money. A return visit is in order!

Fatty Aunt Yong Tau Foo
Block 147
Silat Avenue
Singapore 160112
+65 9099 8484


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