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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso


quote for truth

As the furore over the various spying controversies rages on, this letter in Today newspaper is particularly instructive……

Has any country never spied on others?
From Ee Teck Ee

Many countries have claimed to be surprised and have expressed indignation at being spied on by the United States or its close allies. They should have known better.

How could any security agency do its job without intelligence collection, which is but a euphemism for spying?

Satellites are taking photos and tapping conversations. Submarines are intercepting messages on the seabed. Being spied on is as unpleasant as ageing and death, but just as inevitable.

If any country claims that it has never spied on friends or foes alike, or apologises for having done so and promises never to do it again, are we to believe it?

Today, 23 November 2013, page 13

taking a selfie

Oxford Dictionaries recently announced their Word of the Year…… selfie!!! This entry from their blog details the winning word’s meteoric rise to prominence, completely obliterating all similar competing terms (such as selca, a clipping and blending of self and camera, and seems to be used mainly in Korea).

they are the tuhao

Gotta love Rachel Lu’s ‘Meet China’s Beverly Hillbillies’, not just for its amusing sociocultural content, but even more for its brilliant linguistics. For example, this paragraph is sheer genius:

They are the tuhaotu means dirt or uncouth; hao means splendor — and they are the Beverly Hillbillies of China. Or something like that: A crowdsourced translation call on China’s social media yielded “new money,” “slumdog millionaire,” the “riChinese” and “billionbilly.” When English falls short, French is on hand to help: Tuhao have the artistic sensibilities of the arriviste, the social grace of the parvenu, and the spending habits of the nouveau riche.

And you can read the rest of the article here!

condensed and evaporated

Ordered teh si kosong peng for the first time ever this afternoon. Never knew that there was such a drink before today, haha! (I usually don’t order drinks when lunching, but if I do, it’s usually teh peng.)

Anyway, the teh si kosong peng was lighter, fresher and far less sinful than teh peng. Such is the power of evaporated milk!

wet wet wet

And so November has arrived, all grey and rainy……

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